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BNC Splitter Male to Double Female Connector

Our BNC male to BNC double female connector goes through rigorous testing to ensure high grade materials and quality that provide secure connections. This BNC adapter is designed to split or combine one Male BNC connector and two Female BNC connectors. They can also be used to split a CCTV or video signal for distribution to multiple devices or locations. Each of these are rated to smoothly transfer 75ohm signals. The BNC splitter features a metallic nickel plated finish with 2 BNC female connectors opposite one another with 1 BNC male connector at a right angle. 

BNC Female to Female Connector

This BNC adapter provides the ability to interconnect two devices with BNC male interfaces. A common use for this device is to provide a coupling between two cables with BNC male connectors for when you need to extend the length of your BNC cables and can be used to join two male BNC plugs, or as gender changers

BNC to RCA Connector

This BNC to RCA connector is used in CCTV coaxial cable installation, camera to TV, VCR or DVR typically when you are using a cable with BNC male connectors on both ends and you need to convert one or both of the BNC cable ends to and RCA male. These will convert a male BNC plug into a male RCA plug, or they will convert a female RCA jack into a female BNC jack. Each of these are rated to smoothly transfer 75ohm signals.

Ultra Clarity Cables products are backed by a limited 1-year warranty should any issue arise. For questions or concerns please contact our friendly, USA-based customer support team. 

Item Specifications: 

Connector end 1: BNC male 
Connector end 2: BNC female 
Connector end 3: BNC female