CAT6 Ethernet Cable (2-pack) Network LAN Patch Cable Cord

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Ultra Clarity Category 6 (Cat6) network cables provide the quality needed to assure the best performance in today's high speed networks. These network cables feature enhanced electrical performance to support applications which require more bandwidth. They are backwards compatible with any 10BaseT or 100BaseT network cards and hubs.

With performance of up to 550 MHz, these cables are constructed of 4 unshielded twisted pairs of 24 AWG stranded wire with a PVC jacket and bare copper conductors. The UTP Cat 6 wires reduce cross-talk and aid in signal quality and data transmission. The RJ45 connectors have 50 micron gold plated contacts to resist corrosion and degradation.

The molded strain relief boots help avoid snags that will damage your cables. They are molded for flexibility and resist common wear and tear.

Ethernet Cable CAT6 are typically used in server/ Lan network rooms for plugging between patch panels. This is not to say one cannot use them for other purposes such as connecting a Cable or DSL modem to a router/switch in the home or office.

RJ45 Snagless Connectors Male to Male, 4 pair: White-Blue/Blue, White-Orange/Orange, White-Green/Green, White-Brown/Brown
Ethernet Cable patch cords are UL-listed and tested to 550 MHz to ensure distribution with low return loss.

Cat 6 is backwards compatible with Cat5e, so a Category 6 or cat6 6 feet cable can be used in place of any standard Cat5e networking cable.

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